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German Christmas Tree Growers

German Tree Growers

   In June 2004 a tour group of twenty-two German Christmas tree growers came to our farm.  They began their ten day tour in Washington and continued down through Oregon stopping at various farms along the way.  Their stop at Loch Lolly began with the history of the farm how we operate it from year to year.  Questions were asked about the number of trees planted, how many trees and the amount of greenery that are sold each year. They toured the gift shop and the many acres of trees. They hoped that this land would continue to grow Christmas trees for many years.

German Group Inside StoreLetter From German Christmas Tree Growers:

   The group of German Christmas tree growers have returned home, very impressed and pleased with what they saw and learned while visiting here in Washington and Oregon.  
   Our visit with you on June 28 was a highlight of the tour.  You obviously love what you are doing at your Christmas tree farm and your enthusiasm as well as technical knowledge came through loud and clear.  They were talking about the information you provided for the next several days.  Your willingness to share your time and technical knowledge is very much appreciated.   The coffee and cakes were also a big hit!
   We received from you the photo you took in your shop.  I will forward it to the group.  Also, we visited the farm supply store in Cornelius and they bought many knives and other supplies.  Thanks for the tip!
   If you would like to contact any of the tour participants, let me know.  Again, thank you very much for your very professional and informative tour of your farms.  
Best regards,

Loch Lolly Christmas Forest Photo's

Loch Lolly Sign Family visiting Loch Lolly
Santa Santa
Loch Lolly Photos- Fall 2004 Loch Lolly Photo- Jan. 2004
Loch Lolly Photo- Winter 2004 Loch Lolly Photo- Winter Across Pond
Loch Lolly Photo-North Pole Express Sign Loch Lolly Photo- Winter Lights
Loch Lolly Photo- Trees Across Pond  

A Summer Wedding For 2009